Our clients

FBN Studios clients come from the worlds of music, theatre, film, TV, dance, advertising, PR and major corporate product launches.

When artists – whether from the world of music, theatre or dance – rehearse, they expect levels of professionalism from everyone and everything around them to enable them to achieve the highest possible level of performance.

At FBN Studios, performers and production team can relax, certain that this environment has all of the equipment and facilities you could possibly need, supported by a highly professional team of technical staff.

We have a huge space – over 1,600 square metres – and comprehensive production resources here on site. This is the ideal place to hold technical and dress rehearsals prior to going live, with air-conditioned dressing rooms, warm-up areas, underfloor heating throughout the studio, and kitchen, green room and viewing platform.

The whole point of rehearsal is to ensure that your first live performance is absolutely spot-on. So, don’t leave anything to chance. We’re ready to help you deliver.



‘Had a fantastic few days at Fly By Nite Studios. Its an amazing facility - a huge amount of work has been put into it and everything detail has been thought of. The bedrooms are stylish and comfy and the catering area and roof terrace are great places to retreat to for a break from the darkness of the studio. Scottie’s hospitality is second to none - his years on the road means he know exactly what a production needs. Just perfect - we’ll be back.‘

Rebecca Travis - Tour Manager - Arcade Fire 2017


‘This is an impressive facility - perfect for production rehearsals , and notably as useful and cost effective for a theatre production as it is for large Arena shows. The location is hard to beat, especially for non London based productions. Coming from Ireland we had a choice of numerous flights in to local airports and access to the UK motorway network was great for our suppliers - plus there is plenty of parking.

The room size, trim height and truck access made it an easy and efficient space for us to work in. The set up with offices, dressing rooms and catering area is great, and the accommodation is well thought out and nicely finished.

Scottie and his team could not have been more helpful and I would not hesitate to recommend it , and will undoubtedly return’

Duchess Iredale - Production Manager - The Cranberries 2017


‘Fly by Nite Studios exceeded my best expectations of what a studio could offer. The space itself is the perfect blank canvas for large scale production rehearsals and has all the facilities a modern production requires. Rigging is a breeze and I actually cut back on the rigging call due to the simplicity of hanging points. As if this wasn’t enough the addition of 21 hotel type rooms onsite are brilliant, keeping key team members close by with the convenience of a bed just seconds away. Highly recommended‘

Andrew Thornton - Production Manager - Shawn Mendes 2017


‘I’d say the FBN studio is everything you want from a production rehearsal room. A giant box to fill with gear, 3 docks and plenty of space outside. Scottie has been on hand all day and goes above and beyond to accommodate our every need from outside work areas to operating the fork lift for our deliveries. The hotel rooms on site are clean and comfortable. The Catering area is great.

Some of the lads have used the gym every day and I know a few have been in the sauna most days. It’s a nice touch. For what is essentially a detention centre for a few weeks to those of us who choose to work on these tours, its a pretty happy place to be. The offices are great rooms with real sunlight and the roof terrace is a lovely escape on the rare occasion the weather isn’t shit.

I like it. Easy to use, easy to stay in.‘

Matt Caley - Stage manager - Ed Sheeran 2017


‘Just wanted to send over a little thank you for the last few days, it was an absolute pleasure to use the new studio after seeing it raise from the ground over the last year or so. I have had nothing but good feedback from my crew but also the band. They couldn’t believe how nice and well thought out everything was.

It is something you should all be very proud of. Here’s to lots more rehearsals at FBN!’

Chris ‘Gaddie‘ Gadd - Production Manager - The Australian Pink Floyd Show 2017


‘Scottie, the new rehearsal facility is one of the best I've been in. Clearly well thought out in advance. The layout, rigging, gear access and accommodation are the best of the best and all located in a quiet area. Thanks again for making our rehearsal run very smooth‘

Chris ‘Fussy‘ Fussell - Production Manager - Kings of Leon 2017


‘Great, well thought out space - will only get better as additional facilities are completed. With Scottie running the place - what's not to love! It was a pleasure to be there. Nice one FBN!’

Juliette Slater - Tour Manager - Queen Extravaganza 2016


“The new Fly By Nite rehearsal studios has to be the most impressive rehearsal facility I’ve seen, and right in the heart of the Midlands, bolstering the resources of what we’re now calling 'Rock N Roll Redditch.’ This is a great location for it, less than 2 hours from London, close to Birmingham Airport, and the central base also offers easy access to most areas of the UK especially when combined with Fly By Nite’s trucking services too, and of course the added bonus of SSE Audio Group only being 5 minutes away! What a great resource for the production services industry!

Thanks Scottie for the assistance with our recent demo event, looking forward to making use of your brilliant space again soon!”

Alex Penn - Sales Director - SSE Audio Group 2016


As good as it gets. All departments found this a very east place to work, so we came away having achieved everything on the wish list. Band even liked the acoustics, looking forward to the next time, thanks for all your help and support.

Alan Sullivan - Tour Manager - Sigur Ros 2016


FBN Studios, This facility will be hard to beat, We felt very much at home here, which enable us to develop our show in comfort and style. The Studio feels and sounds like your front room. As with its sister trucking company, attention to detail and the ‘no problem, we can’ ethos has been faultless.

The Fly By Night Complex Legacy is here to stay, and i cannot wait to come back.

Thomas Stone - Production Manager - Sigur Ros 2016


“An impressive facility, that is a very welcome addition to the UK production rehearsal facilities.”

“Easy access, a more than ample space, good trim, plenty of parking and Scottie Sanderson. What more could one ask for?”

“The rooftop terrace theatens to be the icing on a particularly tasty cake.”

Neil McDonald - Production Manager - Radiohead 2016


We were one of the first productions (the second actually ;)) into the new FBN Studios and found the main studio was a great room, both for truck and load in access, size, the height of the roof and grid for versatile rigging solutions.
And there was also a load of power, that should cover most tours.

One of the reasons we chose it was the close proximity to FBN trucking, which made life easy for extra trucks and to PRG our lighting and video supplier.

It’s also very centrally located in the UK, with only a 2 hour drive to London and a high speed train journey from Birmingham International to London in just over 1 hour.

The studio manager Scottie Sanderson, was very helpful and most accommodating and arranged several last minute additional requirements.

All in all a great experience and we will be coming back one day soon for sure!

Jim Baggott - Production Director - Hans Zimmer 2016


“It was a privilege to be the first production to use the new FBN studios. Scottie and the team at FBN pulled out all the stops to ensure we had everything we needed for our 3 days of production rehearsals. Whilst it is fair to stay there was quite a bit of work still to be done on finishing off the ancillary facilitates this had no significant impact for us as temporary offices, a kitchen and heating had been arranged.”

“The studio space is fantastic and was dream to work in. It was so nice to be able to fit in our full area size production without having to make any compromises with trim height or wing space etc. Height, clear floor space, easy rigging and power is what you want for production rehearsals and FBN’s studio has all of this on a very impressive scale! I’m very much looking forward to my next booking where I can also take advantage of the excellent looking catering area, kitchen, offices and dressing rooms.”

“Having used FBN for trucking and equipment storage for many years it is a no brainer to now book their studio for any rehearsal requirements. I just hope it will be available when my next need for the space arises… I’ve no doubt this is going to be an extremely popular facility!”

James Maillardet - Production Manager - Aha 2016